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Why luna 25 fail

 Bhai uska engine kharab ho gya tha, isliye wo fail ho gya, Bese koi bat nhi hai, hamara khash bhai hai wo,  Uska fail moon mission failed hua to kya hua, uska bhai mission ko complete karega. Jai hind

Gyanvapi masjid

 Gyanvapi masjid ek mandir ko tod ke bnaya gya hai, or hum jarur badla lenge, us masjid ko todenge


 Chanderyan 2 is launched in ferbuary 2019

Best Electric scooty in india

Friends, technology has progressed so far that all petrol and diesel powered vehicles will now run on electricity ie batteries. So today we will talk about the best scooty in India. In which the first number: Friends, Ola S1 Pro comes on.  1) Ola pro S1 Price Rs:  1.40 Lakh Image source by  2) Tvs Iqubi Electric  Price Rs: 1.25 Lakh Image source by 3) Ather 450x Price Rs: 1.28 Lakh Image source by 4) Ola S1 Air Price Rs: 1.10 Lakh  Image source by 5) Bajaj Chetak Price Rs: 1.22 Lakh Image source by 6) Vida V1 Price Rs: 1.26 Lakh Image source by 7) Simple one Price Rs: 1.45 Lakh Image source by 8) Hero Electric Price Rs: 67190 - 1.30 Lakh Image source by 9) Yulu Wynn  Price Rs: 55555 Image source by 10) Ampere Magnus Ex Price Rs: 1.05 Lakh Image source by

Electric car in india

Today's time is the time of technology. The whole world is adopting new technology very fast. Seeing this, the world of cars is also changing very fast inside itself. The car is going very fast leaving petrol and diesel and going towards electric. So today we will talk about such companies which are selling electric cars in India. So I am going to name such top companies, as well as tell their features.  1) MG Comet EV MG Comet EV is 4 seater car with split seat, extra leg room in the front and rear. Image source by  Price- 8 lakh Battery charging time: 7 hour at 220 volt Body style: micro car Dimensions: L-2974mm , W- 1505mm, H-1640mm  Number of door: 3 Battery capacity: 17.3 kwh Driving rang: 230km/ full charge Power - 41.42 BHP Transmission- Automatic 2) Tata Tiago EV Image source by  Price- 8.69 lakh to 11.5 lakh Battery charging time: 2.6 to 3.6 hour at 220 volt Body style: Hatchback Dimensions: L3769mm , W- 1677mm, H-1536mm  Numb

What is Brahmos missile/Range/Features and Technology

Brahmos missile   BrahMos missile is a supersonic cruise missile. This missile can also be launched from land to submarines and aircraft. This missile is a self-guided missile, which hits its target very easily. This missile has been made jointly by India's DRDO and Russia's NPO.  About Brahmos missile BrahMos is a supersonic cruise missile made by India and Russia. The missile was successfully tested on 18 December 2009 at Khari in Bengal. The name of BrahMos missile is derived from the names of two rivers of India and Russia. Which is taken from Brahmaputra river of India and Moskva river of Russia. This missile is considered one of the most dangerous missiles in the world.  Range of Brahmos missile The firepower of BrahMos missile is 290 km. Which is designed to penetrate short range targets. The Yah missile can hit the target at a speed of 600 kilometers per hour. BrahMos is the world's first and only supersonic cruise missile,   which can be launched from t

DC motor/Tpes of DC motor/ yoke/pole shoe/brush/armature/commutator

DC motor DC motor is a motor running on a direct current. which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. We can run direct the DC motor to any type of battery or to the Solar panel.  Construction of DC motor DC motor consists of yoke, armature, brush, commutator, magnetic pole and pole shoe . Next we will know in details about all these parts.  yoke Yoke is called the outer part of the DC motor, it is made of cast iron and cast steel. It is in the shape of a hollow cylinder, and inside it is an armature and a pole.  armature It is the rotating part of a motor, which rotates inside the motor. The armature is made from laminated strips of silicon steel. There is a shaft in the armature, with the help of which we can convert electric energy into mechanical energy. Commutator Commutator is a main part of DC motor, on top of it brush of DC motor is attached. The inductor itself converts the bidirectional signal into unidirectional signal. The commutator is connected to

what is contactor/ What is add on block?/ and Applications

Contactor there is an automatic switching device. Which is used for automatic switching of any motor supply. It is typically used to convert the motor supply from starter to automatic delta.  It is mostly used in the panel of the machine. Which plays an important role in making any machine automatic. By the way, there are many companies making Contactors. Out of which the main companies are Schneider, Havells, L&T etc.  Application of Contactor? 1) Automatic running of motor on star and delta  2) Automatic on and off of motor  3) Automatic interlocking in a panel    Why contactor is used to start any motor?  Whenever a 3 phase motor runs, it is run on star connection for the first few seconds until that motor comes to its full RPM. And after it comes to full rpm it is run on delta connection.   Contactors are used to switch the supply from star to delta connection. The contactor abruptly switches the supply to the motor from star connection to delta connection, the process being fu

what is two stroke engine and Four stroke engine?

To know what is the difference between two stroke engine and four stroke engine, we have to know about 2 stroke engine and 4 stroke engine. So further we know what is 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine.  what is two stroke engine? 2 stroke engines are those engines in which once the fuel blast occurs, the piston moves once downward and once upward, and a complete revolution of the crank soft is 360 degrees. That engine is called a two stroke engine.  One stroke engine   Fuel blast occurs only once in this engine. After which one turn down of the piston is called a stock. And one turn up is called two stocks. Which you can see in the picture given below. This engine is used in light vehicles like motorcycles, autos etc.  In this picture, you can clearly see that after one turn of fuel blast, the piston is going down one turn and one turn upwards. During this, one cycle of Crank Soft is also being completed. So this is how a 2 stock engine works?  what is four stroke engine? In a four stroke e

What is Overload Relay?

Overload relay  An overload relay is an electric component used to protect a motor or a machine from overload. Which prevents our machine from overloading. The amount of current we want to pass through it is set. Which you can set according to the power rating of your motor.  image source by For example:  Suppose you have installed a 10 ampere motor, and put this overload relay with it, whose setting is 12 amps. So if ever this motor will draw more than 12 amps of current, then in that condition the overload relay will turn off the supply.  internal working of overload relay? Whenever a motor takes more load than its normal load ie more ampere, in that condition the overload relay senses the overload and further sends tripping command to the circuit breaker. Thermal type overload relay is used in overload relay. It has a bimetallic strip, the overload condition is sensed by this bimetallic strip.  What type of protection does overload relay provide? 

Tesla car battery/Technology/Life and Price

Tesla car is the best and new generation electric car in the world. Till now Tesla's car is being sold in 180 countries. Tesla is a USA company, which exclusively manufactures electric vehicles. Tesla's car is made of such advanced technology that you will not see any shortcoming in it.  Big size batteries are used in all the electric vehicles you have seen till now. Which is much bigger in size. And its life is also very short. Compared to a Tesla car battery.  Lithium ion cell has been used in Tesla electric car. A cell is of 4.2 V. A total of 2976 cells have been used in a car. 5.3 kW power is made by connecting all in parallel and series. 31 battery packs are made from the cells. Each battery pack contains 96 Lithium Ion cells.  The lithium ion cells for Tesla's electric vehicle are manufactured by the Japanese company Panasonic.  What Battery was used in Tesla's car?  Generally, a large size battery is seen in any electric vehicle, which is also very heavy. But Tes

what is Transformer?

Transformer is a machine that can increase or decrease the voltage flowing in the line without reducing the frequency. Transformer always works on AC current only  Transformer is being used everywhere in today's time. From the charger of our phones to the electricity coming into our homes. Transformers are used in 99% of electronic machines.  as an example    Our charger which is between 5 volt to 6 volt, first 220 volt AC current comes in the charger, which is converted to 5 or 6 volt with the help of transformer. Then that 6 volt current is converted into DC current by the rectifier. And further it works to charge our phone. Thus there are many electronics components in which transformers are used.  How  types of transformer are there?  There are two types of transformers 1) Step Down and  2) Step Up Transformer.  1) In the step down transformer, we supply further by reducing the voltage of the line which comes in the line.  as an example    Suppose 220 voltage is coming in our l

What is MCB?

The full name of MCB (miniature circuit breaker) is miniature circuit breaker. Which provides protection to our current-powered equipment. Whenever there is more ampere or voltage supply in our line, then the MCB trips and breaks the current flowing in the line. Due to which our equipment is saved from damage.  For example :       Suppose our fan runs on 4 amps 220 volts. And we have put a 6 ampere MCB in it. So if ever there is a sudden current flow of more than 6 amps in that line, the MCB in the case will trip within a few seconds, breaking the supply. Due to which our equipment will be saved from damage.  In earlier times, fuse was mostly used instead of MCB. Fuse also works with this parker. Whenever there is an over voltage in the line or a short circuit, the fuse blows, and prevents the supply from going forward,  But fuse is still used in many places. Fuse does not provide us as much protection as MCB does, because unlike MCB, fuse does not have any specific tripping rating.  H

Top 10 best Screw Compressor in the World

Today in the era of technology everyone's work is being made easier with the help of machines. Technology is changing very fast, all industries are moving towards automation except manual, so to fulfill all these, air compressor is required, which is considered to be the heart of any industry. Without air compressor It seems impossible to make less easy in any industries, so today let's talk about such Top 10 Screw Air Compressor which is on top in the whole world.  Best Screw Compressor   1.Atlas copco Atlas Copco was founded in Sweden in 1873 and is a world-renowned provider of industrial production solutions focused on compressor technology, vacuum technology solutions and air handling systems. Atlas Copco continues to innovate in technology and lead the industry with expertise that contributes to a wide range of industries around the world.   Atlas Copco has been placed in the first place because of its model VSD+, which has not yet been equaled by any other compressor comp