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Top 10 powerful country / Army

Friends, the history of army in any country is very old. From ancient times, the kings and emperors of all the countries used to keep army for the security of their country. Since ancient times, the army of a country used to make other countries and kings realize that they were powerful. Similarly, in today's era also, it is known on the basis of the army that how powerful a country is. In today's article, we will be ranking some experts and 10 countries on the basis of technology or active army. The first of which is the US Army.  1.United States Budget- $876.9 Billion  Active Frontline Troops-1400,000  Tanks-8848  Total Aircraft- 13892  Submarines-72  America is considered the most powerful country in the world. Which spends more money on the army than all the countries in the world. America is the country with the most aircraft in its military, as well as I have a fleet of 10 aircraft carrier warships of America, which makes it the most powerful in the world. America is the

What is ampere?/Voltage/Resistance/

In today's modern times, electricity has a huge contribution. If we know about electricity then we would get to see Voltage, Ampere, Resistance, and Watt, so today we will know about all these.  Ampere Ampere is the amount of electrons flowing in a conductor. It is the amount of measurement of electrons flowing in a conductor. In 1 ampere, 6.24*10^18 electrons flow per second.  Can we control Ampere with the help of transformer? We cannot increase or decrease Ampere with the help of transformer, but there are some electronic devices, which can increase or decrease Ampere. Ampere always flows with the help of Voltage. The symbol of Ampere is like this.  what is voltage Voltage is an electrical force that drives the flow of electrons in a conductor. Meaning in simple language, you can understand that Voltage is such a power, which pushes the electrons present in the conductor. Due to which current flows in the conductor. Electron never flows by itself in the conductor. Voltage is req

Airplane fuel?/Mileage/Tank and price

In today's article, we will learn about the airplane. Friends, in today's date, the technology of airplane has become very advanced. In the history of aeroplane, the first airplane took off on 17 December 1903.            Airplane fuel   Do airplanes also run on petrol or diesel? So let me tell you that no airplane runs on petrol or diesel. There is a special kind of fuel for aeroplanes. Which is called Aviation Kerosene (QAV). There are also 2 types of QAV aviation fuel. Which is used in different types of airplanes.  Usually diesel engined aircraft can use jet fuel (kerosene). This fuel is used in propeller driven aeroplanes.  The second type, piston engine powered airplanes, uses AVGAS gasoline fuel.   Aeroplane mileage Nowadays people use airplanes to go from one place to another. So have you ever tried to know, what is the mileage of an airplane, then next we know that how much is the mileage of an airplane.   According to Boeing's website, an aircraft named Boing747 c

What is chat gpt?/Advantage And Disadvantage

In today's article, we will know, what is Chat GPT, what is its advantage or disadvantage?  chat gpt Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence chat bot created by a company called Open AI. The full form of Chat GPT is (Chat generated pre-trained transformer). There are many versions of Chat GPT. Which is the latest one. Whose name is Chat GPT-4. Chat GPT works on top of Artificial Intelligence.  The one who can answer all the questions we have. Chat In GPT we can talk with the help of chat. It can give us answers to all the questions which we used to get from Google. Chat GPT can make many of our jobs easier, such as content writing, translator, photography, web designing, or coding.  What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google ? Friends, whenever we search anything in Google's search engine bar. Then Google gives us many answers to the question, but this does not happen at all in Chat GPT. Chat GPT gives only one answer to a question, if you do not like the answer, you can

What is electric current?/ AC and DC current

ELECTRIC CURRENT  Electric current is made up of a group of electrons. Whenever electrons flow in a conductor, that flowing electron is called current or electricity.  types of electric current Current is of two types, AC or DC current   The full name of AC Current is Alternative Current.  The full name of DC current current is Direct Current. difference between ac and dc AC Current   - AC Current is called alternating current. Alternating current is an electric current that continuously changes direction as it flows. AC current flows with Hz. Usually AC current flows at 50 or 60 (hz) hertz. We cannot store AC current in any battery as AC current. (To store it, we have to convert it to DC first)   Image source by Google- We can increase or decrease the voltage of AC current with the help of transformer. When AC current flows, it flows in a positive or negative cycle. Current flows in both the

Mega pixel

Whenever we buy or sell a phone, we definitely talk about Mega Pixel. Which shows the quality of the camera. So in this article we know what is Mega Pixel.   What is mega pixel ?               The image that is created on our smartphone or any screen. It is made with the help of Pixel. The small square cell present in the Pixel screen is called. In this, the image is made with the help of Lighting. As you can see in the photo given below. There are 1 million pixels in 1 mega pixel.   Get this image on: Pixabay  Credit: Image by DavidZydd Copyright: DavidZydd Image source by Google-   For Example  1 mega pixel camera will click its image in 10 lakh square cell.  2 mega pixel camera will click its image in 2 million square cell.  10 mega pixel camera will click the image in 1 crore square cell  The image captured by 1 Mega Pixel camera is not visible to us clearly. Because due to less pixel, that camera is not able to