What is electric current?/ AC and DC current


Electric current is made up of a group of electrons. Whenever electrons flow in a conductor, that flowing electron is called current or electricity. 

types of electric current

Current is of two types, AC or DC current  
  • The full name of AC Current is Alternative Current. 
  • The full name of DC current current is Direct Current.

difference between ac and dc

AC Current -AC Current is called alternating current. Alternating current is an electric current that continuously changes direction as it flows. AC current flows with Hz. Usually AC current flows at 50 or 60 (hz) hertz. We cannot store AC current in any battery as AC current. (To store it, we have to convert it to DC first)  

Ac current flow diagram with frequency
Image source by Google-https://dam-assets.fluke.com/s3fs-public/6004181-dmm-whatis-frequency-715x360-2.jpg

We can increase or decrease the voltage of AC current with the help of transformer. When AC current flows, it flows in a positive or negative cycle. Current flows in both these cycles. But the amount of current in between these two cycles is zero. Due to which AC current is considered less dangerous. Compared to DC current. The symbol of AC current is like this. 

D.C current- It is called direct current in Hindi. It is an electric current that always flows in the same direction. DC current does not have hertz (hz). Due to which they flow normally. We cannot increase or decrease the voltage of DC current with the help of transformer. We can easily store the DC current in the battery. Our phone, laptop or whatever battery we have, they all have DC current only. DC current is more dangerous than AC current. Because the electron of DC current does a normal flow. The symbol of DC current is like this. 

DC current flow diagram

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