Airplane fuel?/Mileage/Tank and price

In today's article, we will learn about the airplane. Friends, in today's date, the technology of airplane has become very advanced. In the history of aeroplane, the first airplane took off on 17 December 1903. 

Airplane fuel 

Do airplanes also run on petrol or diesel? So let me tell you that no airplane runs on petrol or diesel. There is a special kind of fuel for aeroplanes. Which is called Aviation Kerosene (QAV). There are also 2 types of QAV aviation fuel. Which is used in different types of airplanes. 

  • Usually diesel engined aircraft can use jet fuel (kerosene). This fuel is used in propeller driven aeroplanes. 
  • The second type, piston engine powered airplanes, uses AVGAS gasoline fuel.  

Aeroplane mileage

Nowadays people use airplanes to go from one place to another. So have you ever tried to know, what is the mileage of an airplane, then next we know that how much is the mileage of an airplane.  

According to Boeing's website, an aircraft named Boing747 consumes approximately 5 gallons per mile (12 liters per kilometer) of fuel. 

Aeroplane fuel tank


Usually the fuel capacity of a small airplane is in the range of 4000 to 5000 litres. While a medium sized airplane has a fuel capacity of 26000 to 30000 litres. 

where is fuel stored in a plane

If you haven't seen an airplane fuel tank yet, or you don't know where it is, read on. 

The fuel tank of the airplane is in its wing itself, in which the fuel is kept, there are many reasons for making the fuel tank in its wing, such as 

  • Like keeping the fuel closer to the engine, so that the fuel supply can be improved. 
  • Balance can be maintained on both sides of the plane. 
  • There is no need to install a separate fuel tank, due to which the weight of the airplane will increase. 

price of Aeroplane fuel

Friends, what do you think, the airplane fuel we get will be costlier or cheaper than petrol or diesel.  

Jet fuel oil price in New Delhi is Rs. 89303 per kiloliter and for domestically operated aircraft Rs. 89.303 per litre. For an international flight, the price in New Delhi is $816.64 per kiloliter and US$0.81664 per litre. 

Where does airplane fuel come from?  

We get airplane fuel in the same way as we get petrol or diesel. Aviation Kerosene Oil is extracted from Crude Oil. Aviation Kerosene Oil is also extracted from the same Parkaria from which Petrol or Diesel is extracted. 

I hope the information given by me will be useful to you. Thank you 

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