What is ampere?/Voltage/Resistance/

In today's modern times, electricity has a huge contribution. If we know about electricity then we would get to see Voltage, Ampere, Resistance, and Watt, so today we will know about all these. 


Ampere is the amount of electrons flowing in a conductor. It is the amount of measurement of electrons flowing in a conductor. In 1 ampere, 6.24*10^18 electrons flow per second. 

Can we control Ampere with the help of transformer?

We cannot increase or decrease Ampere with the help of transformer, but there are some electronic devices, which can increase or decrease Ampere. Ampere always flows with the help of Voltage. The symbol of Ampere is like this. 

what is voltage

Voltage is an electrical force that drives the flow of electrons in a conductor. Meaning in simple language, you can understand that Voltage is such a power, which pushes the electrons present in the conductor. Due to which current flows in the conductor. Electron never flows by itself in the conductor. Voltage is required for current to flow. The higher the voltage, the more current will flow. 

Can we increase or decrease the voltage with the help of Transformer? 

Yes, we can increase or decrease the voltage with the help of transformer. To reduce the voltage with the help of transformer is called step down or to increase the voltage is called step up. Voltage always works with Ampere only. 

               All the electrical equipment which consumes electricity, we know that consumption in Watt. Watt is made up of ampere and voltage, for example 220 volts × 2 amperes = 440 watts 

what is resistance

Resistance is the force present in any metal, which prevents electricity from passing through it. It is called resistance, its symbol is something like this. 

Resistance is present in all metals. Iron, silver, gold, brass, aluminium, nichrome or copper all metals have resistance in varying degrees. 

high resistance metal

Nikrom has the highest resistance. Whenever we give electricity to nikrom, that metal does not allow current to pass through it, due to which that metal becomes very hot,

for example  
Nichrome rods are used in iron press, oven, electric stove, heater etc. in our house. Nichrome is the most resistant metal 

Which metal has less resistance? 

The metals found in low resistance are silver, aluminum and copper, all the electrical work done in this world is done with copper or aluminum wire only. Because aluminum or copper has less resistance, due to which it is considered a good conductor of electricity.  

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