What is chat gpt?/Advantage And Disadvantage

In today's article, we will know, what is Chat GPT, what is its advantage or disadvantage? 

chat gpt

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence chat bot created by a company called Open AI. The full form of Chat GPT is (Chat generated pre-trained transformer). There are many versions of Chat GPT. Which is the latest one. Whose name is Chat GPT-4. Chat GPT works on top of Artificial Intelligence. 

The one who can answer all the questions we have. Chat In GPT we can talk with the help of chat. It can give us answers to all the questions which we used to get from Google. Chat GPT can make many of our jobs easier, such as content writing, translator, photography, web designing, or coding. 

What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google ?

Friends, whenever we search anything in Google's search engine bar. Then Google gives us many answers to the question, but this does not happen at all in Chat GPT. Chat GPT gives only one answer to a question, if you do not like the answer, you can regenerate the answer again. Also, Chat GPT can do many things, which Google cannot do, such as content writing, graphic designing or many other things. 

Where Chat GPT get the data from? 

If we talk about Google, then Google has billions of people, articles, photos, videos and websites. From where Google gets the data. Whenever we search something on Google, Google shows us some of those data. 

Chat Chat Where does GPT get its data from? Friends, Chat GPT Book, and have taken my data from different sources. Chat GPT does not collect any of its data from Google. Chat GPT has its own database. From where it filters us the right and good answer.

History of Chat GPT? 

Chat GPT was started in the year 2015 by a person named Sam Altman in collaboration with Elon Musk. A year after the start of this project, Elon musk left the project in the middle.  

After that a lot of money was invested in the project by Bill Gates' company Microsoft. Then in the year 2022, on 30 November, it was launched as a prototype. So far 20 million people have connected with Chat GPT. 

advantage and disadvantage of chat gpt

Friends, in today's era of technology, technology is progressing so much day by day that it has made people's work so easy. Due to which the job of many people is in danger. With the help of Chat GPT, many tasks will become so easy that many companies can remove their workers. Like content writing jobs, translators, graphic designers, etc. 

Some people will benefit from Chat GPT and some people will also be harmed. What else would you like to say about Chat GPT, do tell me by commenting. 

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