Mega pixel

Whenever we buy or sell a phone, we definitely talk about Mega Pixel. Which shows the quality of the camera. So in this article we know what is Mega Pixel. 

What is mega pixel ? 

            The image that is created on our smartphone or any screen. It is made with the help of Pixel. The small square cell present in the Pixel screen is called. In this, the image is made with the help of Lighting. As you can see in the photo given below. There are 1 million pixels in 1 mega pixel. 

Pixel in s screen
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Pixel in an image
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 For Example 

  • 1 mega pixel camera will click its image in 10 lakh square cell. 
  • 2 mega pixel camera will click its image in 2 million square cell. 
  • 10 mega pixel camera will click the image in 1 crore square cell 

The image captured by 1 Mega Pixel camera is not visible to us clearly. Because due to less pixel, that camera is not able to make the image proper, when we see that image, we see its pixel. 

        As such the image taken from 15 mega pixel will be made in 1.5 crore square cell. In this situation the pixels become so small that they cannot be seen with normal eyes. Due to which its image is fully formed and is clearly visible. The more pixels, the better the zooming or cropping will be. 

pixels images

How to make image with help of pixel

Pixel is required to make any image. Different lighting commands are given in the pixel. After which we see the image when we see all those pixels together. 

  • For example, see in the image below. 

                 A The pixel is filled with color lighting to make the letter appear on the screen. Friends, this data is already saved in the system, that in order to make this image on the screen, from which corner the lighting will be filled in the pixel, that we should see A written on the screen. 

image source by -Google sports

Similarly, the image or video is shown on the screen of Smartphone, TV and Laptop etc. 

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