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Friends, the history of army in any country is very old. From ancient times, the kings and emperors of all the countries used to keep army for the security of their country. Since ancient times, the army of a country used to make other countries and kings realize that they were powerful. Similarly, in today's era also, it is known on the basis of the army that how powerful a country is.

In today's article, we will be ranking some experts and 10 countries on the basis of technology or active army. The first of which is the US Army. 

1.United States
Budget- $876.9 Billion 
Active Frontline Troops-1400,000 
Total Aircraft- 13892 

America is considered the most powerful country in the world. Which spends more money on the army than all the countries in the world. America is the country with the most aircraft in its military, as well as I have a fleet of 10 aircraft carrier warships of America, which makes it the most powerful in the world. America is the second country after Russia, which has the largest number of nuclear weapons in the world. 

2. Russia 
Budget- $86.4 Billion 
Active Frontline Troops-766055 
Total Aircraft- 3429 

Russia has the largest number of tanks or nuclear bombs in the world. Russian army uses new technology weapons and fighter jets, missile launchers, etc.  

Budget- $293.35 Billion 
Active Frontline Troops-23,33000 
Total Aircraft- 1613 

China is the second largest spender in the world on its military. And China's army has more active soldiers than all other countries. Which is 23,33000. Chin Army has new generation fighter jets and weapons. Which makes China the third most powerful country in the world. 

Budget- $81 Billion 
Active Frontline Troops-1325000 
Total Aircraft- 1905 

India has the second largest active army after China, which is 1325000. After America, India is the second country which maintains aircraft carriers, whose number is 3, as well as India uses new technology weapons, new generation aircraft etc. India is also included in the countries having nuclear weapons. 

5. Japan 
Budget- $46 Billion 
Active Frontline Troops- 247173 
Total Aircraft- 1613 

The Japanese army formed 67 years ago is called the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF). According to Credit Suisse, Japan's army is at number 4 in the world. 

6. France 
Budget- $53 Billion 
Active Frontline Troops-202761 
Total Aircraft- 1264 

The French army is called the French Armed Forces, it has new technology weapons, missile launchers and 5th generation fighter jets, which makes France the 6th largest power country in the world. 

7. South Korea 
Budget- $46.3 Billion 
Active Frontline Troops-624465 
Total Aircraft- 1412 

This 73-year-old army is called the Republic of Korea Army (RKA). It has 4.20 lakh active jawans. There are 2130 main battle tanks. Which makes South Korea the world's 7th biggest Shaki. 

8. Italy 
Budget- $34 Billion 
Active Frontline Troops-320,000 
Total Aircraft- 760 

Italy has two warships and is considered the 8th most powerful country for making new technology weapons. 

9. United Kingdom 
Budget- $68.5 Billion 
Active frontline troops-146980 
Total aircraft- 936 

The 362-year-old British Army has 82,400 active personnel. In which there are about 4 thousand Gurkhas. There is about 30 thousand reserve force. It has 109 tanks. 

10. Turkey 
Budget- $15.48 Billion 
Active Frontline Troops-410,500 
Total Aircraft- 1020 

The Turkish army is one of the greatest armies in the Eastern Mediterranean. There are only five countries in the Credit Suisse list that have more submarines than Turkey. 

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