440 Volt Current/ why on 440 volt in 3 phase

Today we will read why there is a current of 440 volts in 3 phase electricity. There is no 660 volt, whereas there is 220 volt in single phase, according to this there should be 660 volt in 3 phase. Then it is only 440 volts, let's know further. 

Why is there only 440 volt current in 3 phase? 

To know about 3 phase current, first we need to know about single phase current flow. AC current always travels in wave form. As you can see in the graph given below. 

When current flows, it travels in a wave form. There are 2 points of that wave, postive and negative point. Both these peak points are the points when the voltage is at its full voltage. But there is also a 0 point in between the two points. 0 point is the point when there is no voltage in the phase. 

The journey of current from positive to negative goes on very fast. A process happens so fast that 0 point is not detected, where the voltage is 0, just a slight variation of 4-5 volts comes. 

It is because of this 0 point that AC current is considered less dangerous. Compared to DC current, now let's talk about 3 phase current. 

Why is there only 440 volts in 3 phase?  

When current flows in 3 phase, then the peak point timing of the wave of all three phases is not the same, the wave of all three phases starts from different places. 

In all the three phases at a time only two phase waves are at the peak point and the rest of the 1 phase wave is at 0 point. In this, 0 point is the point when the voltage is 0 and peak point is the point when the voltage is full i.e. 220 volts. 

In this process all the three phases flow from negative to positive, this process is very fast. In this process always one remains at the wave peak point of 2 phase, and one remains at wave 0 point. Due to which the voltage of two phases is always available in 3 phase at 1 time. Which is 440 volts.

All three phases have a major contribution in 3 phase electricity. So we need 3 phase to get 440 V current. 

I hope an article will be useful for you, thank you 

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