Electric car in india

Today's time is the time of technology. The whole world is adopting new technology very fast. Seeing this, the world of cars is also changing very fast inside itself. The car is going very fast leaving petrol and diesel and going towards electric. So today we will talk about such companies which are selling electric cars in India. So I am going to name such top companies, as well as tell their features. 

1) MG Comet EV

MG Comet EV is 4 seater car with split seat, extra leg room in the front and rear.

Price- 8 lakh
Battery charging time: 7 hour at 220 volt
Body style: micro car
Dimensions: L-2974mm , W- 1505mm, H-1640mm 
Number of door: 3
Battery capacity: 17.3 kwh
Driving rang: 230km/ full charge
Power - 41.42 BHP
Transmission- Automatic

2) Tata Tiago EV

Price- 8.69 lakh to 11.5 lakh
Battery charging time: 2.6 to 3.6 hour at 220 volt
Body style: Hatchback
Dimensions: L3769mm , W- 1677mm, H-1536mm 
Number of door: 5
Battery capacity: 24 kwh
Driving rang: 250-315 km/ full charge
Transmission- Automatic
Safet Rating- 4 star

3) Kia EV6

Image source by Google.comhttps://www.cardekho.com/

Price- 60 lakh
Battery charging time: 18 mint ( 0-80%)
Battery capacity: 77.4 kwh
Driving rang: 708 km/ full charge
Transmission- Automatic

4) BMW ix

Price- 1.21 crore
Battery charging time: 7.25 ( AC 0- 100%)
Power:   321.84 BHP
Driving rang: 425 km/ full charge
Transmission- Automatic
Top speed :   200 kmph

5) Mahindra XUV 400 EV

Price- 16 lakh
Battery charging time: 50 mint
Battery capacity: 34.5 kwh
Driving rang: 375km/ full charge
Transmission- Automatic

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