Atlas copco Air Compressor

Hello friends, in this era of technology some new innovation is happening every day. Industrialization is happening very fast all over the world, all the industries have used automation in their production. Air compressor plays a very important role among all these. 

                      Nowadays air compressor is used in 99% of the industries. In today's time, it is impossible to run any industry without an air compressor. You can consider air compressor as the heart of any industry. 

                  In this article, we will learn about the Atlas copco screw air compressor, which is the largest selling compressor in the world and is based on new technology. But before that we get to know a little bit about what is screw compressor. 

What is Screw Air compressor ?

Screw air compressor is a machine that draws air from the environment and compresses the air at a particular place. 

The mechanism of screw compressor is completely different from that of piston compressor. Screw compressor has an element. Inside which there are two screws, Male and Female, both these screws rotate with the help of motor and air is compressed. 

Benifit of screw air compressor


1.Screw compressor gives more output in less power as compared to piston compressor. 

2. Screw compressors are capable of producing higher CFM, while piston compressors average 60-90 cfm.  

3. The life of screw compressor is very high as compared to piston type compressor. 

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco was founded in Sweden in 1873 and is a world-renowned provider of industrial production solutions focused on compressor technology, vacuum technology, industrial equipment, automobile manufacturing and power equipment, rental solutions. 

Atlas Copco's customers are located in more than 180 countries/territories around the world. Atlas copco continues to innovate in technology and lead the industry with expertise that contributes to a wide range of industries around the world. 

Some model of Atlas copco screw compressor 

  1. Frame Mounted, 
  2. Tank Mounted, 
  3. Full Features Inbuilt Air Dryer 
  4. Full Features Inbuilt Air Dryer with Tank Mounted,
All these models are available with VFD and VSD+. 

Unique model in atlas copco

Atlas copco has made such a model of screw compressor, which has not been able to compete with any other company's compressor till now. That model is VSD+ model 

Features of VSD+ Model

1. This model is equipped with an oil cooled motor with interior permanent magnet. Due to which this motor can run itself at 20% RPM by slowing itself down to 80%. air as per requirement. 

                 Talk about any other model or any other company's compressor, till now there is no such technology in any model or compressor that it can run itself at 20% rpm. Because the rest of the compressor does not have an oil cooled motor, due to which it cannot run itself at 20% rpm. Even if a compressor is with VFD, its motor can run at minimum 45% speed only. 

Reason- If we try to run Fan cooled motor at less than 45% rpm, then in this case the cooling fan behind it will also slow down, due to which the motor will start heating. And the motor will get damaged. 

2. The Vsd+ model has a single pressure set point. This model keeps the pressure constant all the time. While other compressors have two pressure set points, the loading point and the unloading point. Pressure always travels between these two points. 

3. There is no unloading machine in this model, due to which there is no unloading valve in this machine. 

4. This model runs according to the need of air in the plant. At loading of 20% to 100%. 

5. This model does not have any gears, belts and pulleys, nor any couplings. In this the motor is directly connected to the motor through a single shaft. 

6. According to user reviews of the Atlas vsd+ model, you can save up to 50% electricity on average, compared to other compressors. 

It also has other small unique features. Which introduces it to the new generation and advanced technology. 

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