What is Brahmos missile/Range/Features and Technology

Brahmos missile is a supersonic cruise missile,  its made by India and Russia

Brahmos missile 

BrahMos missile is a supersonic cruise missile. This missile can also be launched from land to submarines and aircraft. This missile is a self-guided missile, which hits its target very easily. This missile has been made jointly by India's DRDO and Russia's NPO. 

About Brahmos missile

BrahMos is a supersonic cruise missile made by India and Russia. The missile was successfully tested on 18 December 2009 at Khari in Bengal. The name of BrahMos missile is derived from the names of two rivers of India and Russia. Which is taken from Brahmaputra river of India and Moskva river of Russia. This missile is considered one of the most dangerous missiles in the world. 

Range of Brahmos missile

The firepower of BrahMos missile is 290 km. Which is designed to penetrate short range targets. The Yah missile can hit the target at a speed of 600 kilometers per hour. BrahMos is the world's first and only supersonic cruise missile,

Indian navy launch brahmos missile on navy ship

which can be launched from the Navy's platform in vertical and inclined positions. So far no supersonic cruise missile in the world could be launched from a submarine. 

Deal with Vietnam of Brahmos missile

In view of the huge demand for BrahMos missile, India has started exporting BrahMos missile. In which the first name comes from Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. 

In March 2021, a BrahMos missile deal with some weapons was approved between the Philippines and India. In which India will sell BrahMos missiles worth $374 billion to the Philippines. Along with this, talks are going on regarding the deal of BrahMos with Indonesia and Vietnam. 

Features of Brahmos missile

1) The top speed of BrahMos missile is 600 kilometers per hour. And it flies at a height of 15 to 20 meters, due to which it does not come in any radar. 

2) BrahMos missile is a self-guided missile, which can hit the target by changing its route even if the location of the target has changed after launch. 

3) Brahmot missile can be launched from all three places, land, water and air. 

4) BrahMos can be launched from inclined, vertical position as well as horizontal position. 

5) The BrahMos can carry 300 kg of explosives. 

6) It has GPS technology. With the help of which its exact location can be traced even after its launch. And its route can be changed as per the need. 

Technology of Brahmos missile

BrahMos missile is a new generation cruise missile. BrahMos has been made by India and Russia with completely indigenous parts. Ramjet engine has been used in BrahMos missile. There are two types of fuel used in ramjet engines. of solid fuel and liquid fuel. 

The BrahMos missile uses solid rocket fuel in the first stage, which powers the booster. And in the second stage, BrahMos uses liquid fuel, which propels it to the target and helps it hit.  

GPS technology has been installed inside it, with the help of which it can connect to the satellite and reach its target easily and hit it. 

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