DC motor/Tpes of DC motor/ yoke/pole shoe/brush/armature/commutator

DC motor

DC motor is a motor running on a direct current. which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. We can run direct the DC motor to any type of battery or to the Solar panel. 

Construction of DC motor

DC motor consists of yoke, armature, brush, commutator, magnetic pole and pole shoe. Next we will know in details about all these parts. 


Yoke is called the outer part of the DC motor, it is made of cast iron and cast steel. It is in the shape of a hollow cylinder, and inside it is an armature and a pole. 


It is the rotating part of a motor, which rotates inside the motor. The armature is made from laminated strips of silicon steel. There is a shaft in the armature, with the help of which we can convert electric energy into mechanical energy.


Commutator is a main part of DC motor, on top of it brush of DC motor is attached. The inductor itself converts the bidirectional signal into unidirectional signal. The commutator is connected to the armature from which it receives electricity. 


The brush is mounted on the back side commutator of the motor, its main function is to supply power to the armature. The brushes are to be made of carbon and grayfite. 

Megenatic Pole

This magnetic pole remains tight on the yoke. which produces the magnetic field. It holds the N pole on one side of the yoke and the S pole on the other side. 

Pole shoe

The pole shoe rests over the magnetic pole, which extends the magnetic field completely over the armature. 


DC motor is of two types 

  • Self excited 

  • Separately excited 

Self-excited DC motor is that motor, which we do not have to separately excite the motor by giving electricity, this type of motor is called permanent magnet motor. 

Separately excited DC motor is a motor which is given a separate DC supply to be excited, so that S pole and N pole can be formed inside it. 

Types of DC motor 
  1. Series DC Motor
  2. Shunt/Parallel DC Motor
  3. Compound DC Motors
  4. Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Advantage and disadvantage of DC motor


1) We can run DC motor at 1 to 100% RPM. 

2) The speed of DC motor can be easily controlled. 


1) DC motor has to be repaired from time to time.
2) The brush of a DC motor wears out very quickly.

3) The weight and size of a DC motor are very large. Compare to AC motor 

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