Top 10 best Screw Compressor in the World

Today in the era of technology everyone's work is being made easier with the help of machines. Technology is changing very fast, all industries are moving towards automation except manual, so to fulfill all these, air compressor is required, which is considered to be the heart of any industry. Without air compressor It seems impossible to make less easy in any industries, so today let's talk about such Top 10 Screw Air Compressor which is on top in the whole world. 

Best Screw Compressor 

1.Atlas copco

Atlas Copco was founded in Sweden in 1873 and is a world-renowned provider of industrial production solutions focused on compressor technology, vacuum technology solutions and air handling systems. Atlas Copco continues to innovate in technology and lead the industry with expertise that contributes to a wide range of industries around the world.  

Atlas Copco has been placed in the first place because of its model VSD+, which has not yet been equaled by any other compressor company. 

Features of VSD+ Model

1. This model is equipped with a permanent magnet oil cooled motor, due to which it can run at 80% - 20% rpm. 

2. This model has only one pressure set point, this model always keeps its pressure constant. 

3. This machine does not have an unloading position, so it does not have an unloader valve. 

4. This model runs on the requirement of the plant, at 20% to 100% load. 

5. This model does not have any gears, belts and pulleys, or couplings. A single shaft connects the motor and element. 

6. According to user reviews of this model, you can save up to 50% electricity on average.  

2. Chicago pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic was invented in Chicago in 1901. Chicago Pneumatic, also known as "CP", is an industrial manufacturer that provides tools, air compressors, generators, lights, towers and hydraulic equipment. Products are sold in over 150 countries through a worldwide distribution network. 

                Chicago Pneumatic is owned by Atlas Copco. Due to which you will find some of the innovations of Atlas also in Chicago Pneumatic, such as its oil cooled motor, no gears, no belts and pulleys or no couplings etc. All these features will be available in the CPMV model of CP. The CP lags behind in terms of CFM, with a compressor comparable in power to the Atlas. Due to this advanced technology CP is placed at 2 position. 

3. kaeser

Kaeser is a German company, founded in 1909. kaeser compressor is a world-renowned manufacturer of air products, specializing in screw compressor/automobile compressor. kaeser sells compressors and equipment through an extensive network of offices and partners in more than 100 countries and territories. 

According to the users of Kaeser compressor, its complaints are very less as compared to other compressors. All of Kaiser's compressors are made in belt driven only. 

4. Elgi screw compressor 

Elgi Equipments was established in 1960 as an air compressor and garage equipment manufacturing company in India. Over the years, the company has rapidly increased its product portfolio and tailored its offering to the changing market requirements. Today, Elgi Equipments Ltd. is a global air compressor manufacturer with a wide range of innovative and technologically advanced compressed air systems. 

Elgi manufactures various types of screw compressors, such as 

1. Belt and pulley driven, 
2. Gear driven 
3. Coupling driven. 
Elgi also manufactures screw compressors with VFD models. 

5. Ingersoll-Rand 

Established in 1871 in the United States, Ingersoll-Rand is a world-renowned manufacturer of air compressors. The Ingersoll-Rand product portfolio covers many areas, including air compressors, pumps, blowers, fluid handling, loading, power equipment and material handling systems, providing important and innovative products and services to a wide range of industrial, energy, medical and provide services. 
                other areas. As a renowned Top 10 air compressor manufacturer in the world, Ingersoll-Rand is well positioned to meet the challenges of rising global population density and scarce resources. Ingersoll-Rand believes that companies that excel are built to last. The company has made sustainable growth a fundamental element of its core strategy, which includes growing its business through innovation, service and emerging markets, fostering operational excellence and creating a culture that is progressive, enriching, diverse and be inclusive. As an authorized Ingersoll Rand distributor, YS Compressor is committed to offer a competitive range of Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors to the clients across the globe. 

6. Compair

Compair is a British company, known in the industry primarily for the production of sliding vane air compressors (≤50 HP). In recent years, Compair has successively acquired the screw air compressor division of Demag in Germany and Leroy Air Compressor in the United States to become a global air compressor company.  

7. Hitachi

Hitachi Industrial Machinery Systems Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture, sales, maintenance, after-sales service and system engineering of industrial machinery products. It became independent from Hitachi in April 2002. Motor, providing products such as air compressor, inkjet printer, electric hoist, transformer, wind hydraulic machinery, large fan coil, etc., has always been in the forefront of industrial motor. 

8. Boge air

Boge is a world-renowned provider of compressed air solutions and services, specializing in the design, development, installation and maintenance of quality compressed air systems. Boge has been solving customer problems for over 100 years. 

       Boge is the world's most experienced compressed air specialists, designing, developing, installing and maintaining quality compressed air systems that have been approved by over 100,000 customers worldwide. 

9. Anest iwata

Anest iwata is a well-known brand of spraying machinery, specializing in the development and manufacturing of spraying machines/air compressor/vacuum pump, dedicated to the research and application of spraying technology. 

                   Anest Iwata Co., Ltd. has always been committed to the research and application of spraying technology and the promotion and application of spraying equipment. We have accumulated rich experience in spraying process in plastic, furniture, leather, metal, electrical, hardware, ceramic and steel industries.  

10. kobelco

kobelco's compressor business began at the beginning of the last century and has a long history of nearly a hundred years. Since the production of high-pressure piston machines in 1915, which set a new milestone in the Japanese compressor industry, Kobelco has always understood time with precision. requirements, and continuously push forward a variety of new compressor production plans. 

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