vande bharat express

In today's era of changing technology, every country is changing its technology very fast. In which India has come a long way. Every day some new innovation or the other is taking place in India. Vande Bharat train is one of them. Today we will give detailed information about Vande Bharat train.  

about vande bharat express

Vande Bharat train is a semi high speed train made in India. Vande Bharat train is fully electric and 100% indigenous. Vande Bharat train is the fastest train in India. The first Vande Bharat train in India was run on 15 February 2019. The Vande Bharat train was initially known as Train 18. The first Vande Bharat train was run on the route from New Delhi to Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi. 

vande bharat train engine

Vande Bharat train is a completely electric train, in which the engine has not been used anywhere. Vande Bharat train is completely motorized. It is fitted with 16 traction motors. All traction motors are fitted under all 16 bogies of the train. 1 traction motor is used per 2 bogies. Which gives high speed to the train. There is no separate engine in Vande Bharat train like other trains. 

Speed of Vande bharat Train?

Vande Bharat is a semi high speed electric train. This train can do 0-100 km in just 52 seconds. Can hold the speed of 

Talking about its maximum speed, then let me tell you that the maximum speed of Vande Bharat train is 180 - 183 kmph. is hourly. Which makes this train the fastest train in India. 

Which metal used in Vande bharat train?

All the coaches of Vande Bharat train are made of aluminium. Due to which this train is very light, compared to other trains, due to which the traction motor pulls the train very easily. 

The reason for the high speed of Vande Bharat train? 

Let me tell you that till now the rest of the normal electric trains have a total of 6 traction motors installed in them, which all these 6 traction motors are installed below the engine. And the engines and coaches of those trains are made of iron. Due to which this train becomes very expensive. 

But there are a total of 8 traction motors in the Vande Bharat train. These 8 traction motors. All 2 coaches have one traction motor. Due to which equal force is applied on all the motors. Along with this, there is no engine in the Vande Bharat train. All the coaches of Vande Bharat train are made of aluminium. Due to which the train is very light. Which proves helpful in the high speed of the train. 

At what voltage does the Vande Bharat train run? 

In Indian Railways, an electric train is given 25000 volts. All the trains running in India till now run on 25000 Volt only. 

Similarly, Vande Bharat train also runs on 25000 volts only. No separate electric line has been provided for Vande Bharat train. Nor has any special track been given for it. Vande Bharat train is run on the line which was already electric line and track. 

Some special things about Vande Bharat train. 

1. The motor fitted in Vande Bharat train is the same motor which was used in all other trains till now. No special motor is designed. 

2. No separate engine has been installed in this train like other trains. 

3. The design of this train is almost similar to the bullet train. 


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