ballistic missiles

In today's article, we will read what is ballistic missile or cruise missile. In today's era of technology, technology has progressed so much that all the countries have made modern weapons. One of those weapons is ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, which are considered the most dangerous after nuclear bombs in the whole world. 

What is ballistic missile?

The full name of ballistic missile is Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. Ballistic missiles are those missiles which can attack from one continent to another continent, their lethality is very high. The range of attack of ballistic missile can be more than 5000- 8000 km. 

This missile is used to attack on a very large scale. When a ballistic missile is launched, it first goes up at an angle of 45 degrees or then comes down due to gravity. A large place is targeted with this missile. 

Ballistic missiles have been placed in the category of the world's most dangerous weapons. Only 7 countries come in the country having ballistic missiles, which are India, Russia, America, China, France, North Korea, and Israel. 

cruise missile

A cruise missile is a missile that hits its target directly. This missile can be controlled. The cruise missile runs at a height of 15 to 20 meters from the earth. There is also a specialty in this missile that it determines its own path. If the target changes its position after the launch of the missile, then the missile also hits the target automatically by going to the place. The cruise missile is designed to hit very precise targets, 


Most jet engines are used in this missile. Inflammable explosives are used in jet engines. It is only because of this inflammable explosive that they can reach their target and be able to penetrate it. 

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