What is lithium ion Battery?

In this era of technology, batteries are used to store electricity. We can store electricity inside the battery and use it when needed. There are many types of batteries, which are made from different chemicals, so in this article we will know what is lithium ion battery. 

Lithium ion batteries are made from a chemical called lithium. Which is very capable of storing electricity, we call the battery made of lithium a lithium ion battery. 

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Many types of batteries are made all over the world. These include Lead acid battery, Ni cd battery, zinc carbon battery, alkaline battery, Ni mh battery, Coin cell battery and sealed battery etc

The best and longest lasting of all batteries is the Lithium Ion battery. Lithium ion batteries are used in our phones, laptops etc. Nowadays, it is also being used in the automobile sector to make electric vehicles in large quantities. After all, what kind of battery is Lithium Ion, we will move ahead. 

What is lithium ion?

Lithium is a chemical. Under ordinary conditions, it is the lightest metal in nature and has the lowest density. If it is kept in the air, it starts reacting with the oxygen present in the air very quickly. That is why it is kept immersed in oil.  

Due to the very rapid reaction of lithium with any substance, it is never found in pure form. Rather, cable is found only in Yoginko along with other elements. Due to its low density, lithium is very light and can be cut with a knife even though it is a metal. Lithium was discovered in 1817 by Johann August and Arfbedson. 

Benifit of lithium ion battery?

1. Lithium ion battery is smaller in size and lighter than any other battery of the same power. 

2. Lithium-ion batteries have a longer life than any other battery (on average 10× longer life) 

3. We can charge the lithium ion battery repeatedly, even if it is a small cell. 

4. We can fast charge a Lithium Ion battery, whereas we cannot fast charger any other battery, if we fast charger another battery by giving more current, then that battery may get hot and get damaged. 

5. Lithium ion batteries have a very high capacity, a battery can use 100% of the current stored inside it. While the other battery can use only 70% - 80% of the power stored inside it. 

Who is the most used battery in the world? 

Friends, today's time is the time of technology, nowadays every work is being made easy by machines. Electricity is used in everything from our phones to airplanes and batteries are used to store electricity in all of them. 

Electricity can be stored in many types of batteries. But the fastest and best way can only be stored in a Lithium Ion battery. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are more powerful, lighter, smaller in size, and have longer life than any other battery. Due to which most of the lithium ion batteries are used in the whole world. 

Price of lithium ion battery?

If we talk about the price of Lithium Ion battery, then let me tell you that as compared to other batteries, the life of this battery is 10× more, similarly the cost of this battery is also 10× more than other batteries. According to an estimate in India, the cost of a battery can range from Rs 50 to Rs 3 lakh, which can be for a watch to a car. 

I hope you have got the answer to all the questions, if any information was known to you, then please do comment. 

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