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Tesla car battery/Technology/Life and Price

Tesla car is the best and new generation electric car in the world. Till now Tesla's car is being sold in 180 countries. Tesla is a USA company, which exclusively manufactures electric vehicles. Tesla's car is made of such advanced technology that you will not see any shortcoming in it.  Big size batteries are used in all the electric vehicles you have seen till now. Which is much bigger in size. And its life is also very short. Compared to a Tesla car battery.  Lithium ion cell has been used in Tesla electric car. A cell is of 4.2 V. A total of 2976 cells have been used in a car. 5.3 kW power is made by connecting all in parallel and series. 31 battery packs are made from the cells. Each battery pack contains 96 Lithium Ion cells.  The lithium ion cells for Tesla's electric vehicle are manufactured by the Japanese company Panasonic.  What Battery was used in Tesla's car?  Generally, a large size battery is seen in any electric vehicle, which is also very heavy. But Tes

Top 10 best Screw Compressor in the World

Today in the era of technology everyone's work is being made easier with the help of machines. Technology is changing very fast, all industries are moving towards automation except manual, so to fulfill all these, air compressor is required, which is considered to be the heart of any industry. Without air compressor It seems impossible to make less easy in any industries, so today let's talk about such Top 10 Screw Air Compressor which is on top in the whole world.  Best Screw Compressor   1.Atlas copco Atlas Copco was founded in Sweden in 1873 and is a world-renowned provider of industrial production solutions focused on compressor technology, vacuum technology solutions and air handling systems. Atlas Copco continues to innovate in technology and lead the industry with expertise that contributes to a wide range of industries around the world.   Atlas Copco has been placed in the first place because of its model VSD+, which has not yet been equaled by any other compressor comp