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Tesla car battery/Technology/Life and Price

Tesla car is the best and new generation electric car in the world. Till now Tesla's car is being sold in 180 countries. Tesla is a USA company, which exclusively manufactures electric vehicles. Tesla's car is made of such advanced technology that you will not see any shortcoming in it.  Big size batteries are used in all the electric vehicles you have seen till now. Which is much bigger in size. And its life is also very short. Compared to a Tesla car battery.  Lithium ion cell has been used in Tesla electric car. A cell is of 4.2 V. A total of 2976 cells have been used in a car. 5.3 kW power is made by connecting all in parallel and series. 31 battery packs are made from the cells. Each battery pack contains 96 Lithium Ion cells.  The lithium ion cells for Tesla's electric vehicle are manufactured by the Japanese company Panasonic.  What Battery was used in Tesla's car?  Generally, a large size battery is seen in any electric vehicle, which is also very heavy. But Tes

Atlas copco Air Compressor

Hello friends, in this era of technology some new innovation is happening every day. Industrialization is happening very fast all over the world, all the industries have used automation in their production. Air compressor plays a very important role among all these.                        Nowadays air compressor is used in 99% of the industries. In today's time, it is impossible to run any industry without an air compressor. You can consider air compressor as the heart of any industry.                    In this article, we will learn about the Atlas copco screw air compressor, which is the largest selling compressor in the world and is based on new technology. But before that we get to know a little bit about what is screw compressor.  What is Screw Air compressor ? Screw air compressor is a machine that draws air from the environment and compresses the air at a particular place.  The mechanism of screw compressor is completely different from that of piston compressor. Screw compr

Airplane fuel?/Mileage/Tank and price

In today's article, we will learn about the airplane. Friends, in today's date, the technology of airplane has become very advanced. In the history of aeroplane, the first airplane took off on 17 December 1903.            Airplane fuel   Do airplanes also run on petrol or diesel? So let me tell you that no airplane runs on petrol or diesel. There is a special kind of fuel for aeroplanes. Which is called Aviation Kerosene (QAV). There are also 2 types of QAV aviation fuel. Which is used in different types of airplanes.  Usually diesel engined aircraft can use jet fuel (kerosene). This fuel is used in propeller driven aeroplanes.  The second type, piston engine powered airplanes, uses AVGAS gasoline fuel.   Aeroplane mileage Nowadays people use airplanes to go from one place to another. So have you ever tried to know, what is the mileage of an airplane, then next we know that how much is the mileage of an airplane.   According to Boeing's website, an aircraft named Boing747 c